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garden insecticide and fungicide

Finally! One product that is both a fungicide and insecticide for organic gardening.

PureSpray™ GREEN Concentrate
Insecticide and Fungicide

Spray with confidence. Share the results with pride.

PureSpray™ GREEN Concentrate is research proven to effectively control insects and disease in your gardens while reducing potentially more toxic chemicals. When sprayed, PureSpray™ GREEN Concentrate is virtually odorless and readily biodegradable. Use it indoors and outdoors for true organic gardening all season long.

PureSpray™ GREEN Concentrate is an effective OMRI listed (Organic Material review Institute) solution that comes from the same science used by professional and organic growers worldwide to protect high-value crops like apples, pears and plums.

Pure Spray Green - Organic Insecticide and Fungicide for Gardens and Orchards
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Weed Killer - Selective Herbicide

Environmentally Friendly Fall Spring Summer
You can feel good
about killing weeds.

Clear Choice™ HERBICIDE

Clear Choice is a selective herbicide that kills more than 60 different weed types, right down to the root—without harming lawns!

You can feel good about killing weeds.

Like many homeowners today, you've probably become increasingly aware of the risks associated with herbicides. But you still want a beautiful, weed-free lawn. Clear Choice™ is research proven to effectively control over 60 broadleaf weeds – killing them right down to the root, while leaving your lawn intact. At the same time, Clear Choice™ reduces potentially harmful active ingredients by up 85%.

That's why you can't go wrong with Clear Choice*.

Clear Choice - Selective Herbicide - Weed Control for Lawns and Gardens
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Deer Proof Fence DEER PROOF™ FENCE The over-population of deer in many areas has led to their wreaking havoc to gardens, fruit trees and landscapes. When repellents no longer work as a result of the sheer numbers of these herbivores, installing sturdy fencing is the key to keeping your garden free from their browsing damage. Our DEER PROOF FENCE is made from strong, long lasting, light-weight plastic easily handled by one person. It does not rust and there are no sharp edges to cut hands or snag clothing. It offers a cost effective alternative to wire—with a much better appearance!


Deer Proof Fence
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Bird Proof Netting - ORDER NOW BIRD PROOF™ NETTING is a versatile, and inexpensive material, used by crop growers and home gardeners to keep birds away from their seeds, grains, vegetables, fruit trees, and other crops. It provides a safe, chemical free, easy-to-apply, solution that does not harm birds or other wildlife. This flexible, 3/4” soft knitted, green, polyethylene mesh contains U.V. stabilizers for longer life. Other Uses—it can also be used to keep birds from roosting on outdoor structures such as barns, garages. Applications Instructions—BIRD PROOF NETTING can simply be thrown over a tree for an instant canopy guard, or securely fastened around the trunk or to the ground for even better protection. It can also be installed around a frame to protect the vegetable garden.

Bird Proof Netting
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Garden Fence

GARDEN FENCE: Attractive, unobtrusive, durable GARDEN FENCE helps keep small animals out of your prized garden area.

Garden Fence
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Trellis Netting

TRELLIS NETTING: Commonly referred to as Pea Netting or Bean Netting has a large open 6"x7″ mesh and is also ideal for cucumbers, squashes etc. Trellis Netting (sometimes referred to as vegetable trellis and garden trellis netting) raises yields by increasing exposure to air and sunlight, thus reducing ground rot while optimizing garden space. Also ideal for ornamental climbers such as sweet peas, ivies, etc. UV stabilizers added for longer life.

Trellis Netting
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