Tree World is proud to be part of a global movement for long-term humanitarian, social and environmental change.


Tree World actively supports verifiable Gardening Clubs, Master Gardener sponsored events, as well as fish habitat restoration events—in the United States and Canada—while providing FREE Plantskydd repellents for use in promotional raffles, door prizes and other conservation efforts.

Charity : WaterAid

Tree World is a proud corporate sponsor of WaterAid, the leading global charitable foundation focused exclusively on improving poor people’s access to safe water, and improved hygiene and sanitation, in developing communities in need—especially in Africa.

“Tree World Plant Care Products Inc. has been a valued corporate partner of WaterAid Canada since 2003, contributing more than $154,000 in support of WaterAid’s clean water and sanitation programs around the world. “

Charity: 1% For The Planet

1% for the Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues.

Tree World is proud to be part of this network. Yes! Together, we can make a difference.


Tree World believes the most effective path to real change is through building grassroots momentum. We provide qualified organizations grants ( $ xxxxx) through a rolling application process ( ??? ) , awarding funds annually.

We fund
has a clear, action-oriented strategy, and builds an equitable, inclusive and diverse environmental movement.

identifies specific goals and objectives that build public involvement and civic engagement, and whose efforts can be effectively measured to evaluate success.

takes place within the following countries: Africa, Central and South America, Canada, and the United States.

organizations with 501(c)(3) status or a comparable fiscal sponsor.

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