Alaya Boisvert

operations and marketing manager.

Alaya has been around Tree World pretty much her whole life. She remembers as a kid packing up boxes of bulk powder and having to be absolutely sure the tape job around each edge was meticulous. After leaving the nest and working for over 15 years in sustainability and leadership, Alaya decided to come home and channel her love for making a difference in people’s lives into the family business, Tree World. As our Operations & Marketing Manager, Alaya is a courageous, entrepreneurial and creative leader committed to demonstrating that people can live in harmony with each other and the earth. Working closely with her dad, she’s the driving force behind day-to-day operations and strategic planning. Alaya puts people first, leading the team with accountability, connection, and creativity.

Alaya currently serves on the Board of the local Credit Union, establishing the inaugural Environmental Social Governance Committee. She is also a Board Member of The Power of Play, an incredible organization building sustainable playgrounds for children in need of space to play. True to her belief we can create a world that works for everyone, she founded a local climate action network, a non-partisan group of local citizens and organizations dedicated to building transformational change toward a fossil fuel free community.

When not fighting the good fight, Alaya and her partner Brendan are usually swimming in the ocean, scaling mountains and serving meals to friends in the hood. Alaya is a proud mum to an energetic 10 year old who inspires her daily to be loving, present and adventurous.