Richard Getzkow

agriculture sales and marketing manager.

A Tree World employee since 1999, Richard is our Agriculture Sales & Marketing Manager. Over the past 20 years, he’s travelled the world working in the horticulture, silviculture and agriculture markets. He’s passionate about understanding ecological relationships: where crops grow, how wildlife behave and what the environmental impact is. Developing and fostering customer relationships and understanding how people are using our products are two things that get him excited about the job.

Looking for Richard? You’ll often find him at the top of a mountain. He’s enjoyed camping, hiking and fishing since he was a kid. In 1995, he attempted to summit Mt. Aconcagua, a mountain that straddles the Andes of Chile and Argentina. Then he tried again in 1998. The best advice anyone has ever given him is: live your life as though you might die tomorrow, but learn as if you may live forever.